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Make your blog posts unique while maintaining their readability, completely automatically, FREE!!!

It's finally here! The ContentBoss Wordpress plugin that automatically spins your blog posts, WITHOUT causing the 'bestspinner' errors that Google's 'Panda' loves to hate so much!

Been 'Pandalized' recently?

If you're running any kind of autoblog, or perhaps you're just adding in a few RSS feeds automatically to 'beef up' your blog, you've probably realized that since the Google 'Panda' update, your listings have evaporated, along with your traffic.

This is because Google hates duplicate content. if you've tried to get round the problem by automatically spinning your posts using 'thebestspinner' or similar cheap spinning tools, you'll have noticed that it's become even worse, because the only thing Google hates more than duplicate content, is BADLY SPUN content.

Technically, the reason why collaborative spinners such as 'thebestspinner' will get you an instant Googleban is very simple. If you use it in 'auto' mode (even set to 'best' quality!!!), it introduces so many grammatical errors that the 'Panda' can spot it instantly. Why does it introduce so many errors? Because the synonyms it uses are chosen for you at random from the submissions of thousands of wannabee Internet Marketers, most of whom speak English about as well as my pet goldfish. The Panda, of course, is trained to ban sites that try to hide their use of duplicate content by spinning it with a crappy bit of software.

How about 'translating' your post into Croatian, then into Greek and back into English? Feel free, but you will end up with even worse gibberish than 'thebestspinner' produces, and an instant ban to boot. What about 'uniqueifying' it by substituting HTML control codes for characters? You'd have to be insane to imagine a giant software company like Google hasn't already covered that little ruse, which is why it always ends up with an instant ban. So... what's the solution???


We have now released a simple Wordpress plugin for your blog. Just install it on your blog, set a couple of parameters (your ContentBoss user ID and password) and every post your blog makes will be spun automatically, to a level that makes it unique to the search engines, and yet means it will still PASS GOOGLE.

What does it cost?

Nothing. If you have a ContentBoss account, just download it now. If you don't have a ContentBoss account, you can get one here:- sign up

NOTE! The plugin can only spin up to 150 articles a month. If you need more capacity than that (perhaps because you run a big blog network), contact us for bulk API pricing. This does not apply to the wrangler available in the member's area which is unmetered and can be used as often as you like.

Instructions for using it are here:- ContentBoss Wordpress Plugin Help








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