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cheaper vacations

How would you like to discover the countries of Europe, such as Italy and Eire, cheaply? Just a small amount of research means that you too can experience the wonders of Paris, Rome, Dublin, and all the other fabulous destinations in these countries at a cost that will amaze you.

It's not necessary to be a guru at web-research in order to hunt down the most discounted airfare, all you have to do is spend a few minutes comparing dates and times on a number of fantastic websites that I will reveal later, and use a few simple tips and tricks I will explain to you.

Traveling abroad is becoming much more common nowadays, and the best bargains are, of course, to be found online. With nothing more than a flexible schedule and a credit card, you can find and book a trip that your parents would regard as a once-in-a lifetime experience. As an example, when traveling to London in the United Kingdom, travel between June and September is prohibitively expensive, because that's when everyone else wants to go. Why, no one knows, as it rains just as much in the summer in the UK as at any other time of year! Therefore, to save lots of money, simply go off-season.

Personally, my own thoughts are 'why give it to American Airlines, when I can spend it in a restaurant or a boutique at my destination?'. Visa and passports are not usually a problem when traveling to the E.U. - although you need to allow plenty of time if you don't currently have a passport. Up to 6 weeks may be necessary in the worst case. Traveling abroad also implies longer check-in times at the airfields. Getting thru customs takes time, and don't be tempted to try and carry any foodstuffs or other restricted goods - you could get turned back at the airport!

Now on to those websites I promised you. First, you can do no better than more...

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