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Make Big Money With ContentBoss!

Make as much as $124 per customer per year!

You can now refer customers to us and make not only a commission for every signup, but recurring commission on their subscription payments too!

$14 per customer initial signup commission!

Here's how it works. You refer people to us using your unique referral ID. This places a cookie on their machine (the cookie's good for 365 days, and it's first come, first served). When that person then signs up to contentBoss and pays us, we credit you with a juicy commission (currently about 50%).

Up to $10 per customer per month lifetime recurring commission!

If that person stays a customer, and makes a recurring payment to us, we credit you with a big slice of that payment too! As long as your customer stays with us, you'll get commissions from his payments to us. And even better, the more people you refer to us, the more you make! As you only need a couple of recurring subscribers to qualify for recurring payments, it's EASY to start earning BIG MONEY!

How much can I make?

LOADS! The sky really is the limit! The scale of recurring commissions is detailed on your referrals report page, and goes as high as $10 a month per customer, not to mention the $14 initial signup.

That's up to $124 per customer, per year!

We automatically pay direct every month to the Paypal account you specify in your 'contact email' field, and you only have to wait one month for the payments, not ages like some other programs!

Why should I promote ContentBoss?

ContentBoss is STILL the ONLY article rewriter that produces legible text automatically. If you've tried other spinners, you'll already know how dangerous they can be. If not, here's why badly spun articles can seriiously damage your wealth!

How to sign up

Create a ContentBoss account, set your Paypal address on your 'account' page, and start referring people using the unique referral ID you'll be given. If you don't need a paid up ContentBoss account right now you can still refer people - create a ContentBoss account as normal, but after you log in, just click the big red 'Affiliates' button at the top right of the screen to check your earnings and pick up your affiliate link, it works even if you aren't a fully paid up member! Create your account here :- create account

There's no minimum payout, so sending us even one customer will trigger a payment to you! You can keep an eye on your commissions with your own personal referrals report (the red '$' button top right of the page).

So what are you waiting for? Get referring, and start making up to $124 a year for every single customer!

for full details, see our Terms and Conditions.


Today's Tips:

ALWAYS make PLR Articles unique before you use them!


The duplicate content myth exposed

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