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how contentboss article spinner works

we are often asked how the contentboss wrangler works. Obviously, the technology is a closely guared secret, but we can say this much:-

if you wanted to create a top of the range article spinner like contentboss, you could create a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to perform massive and highly scaled linguistical analysis. The engine, written in assembler for performance reasons, would build its 'rules' using a multi-dimensional series of neural nets hooked together to create a single 'super net'. The original training for the net would need to be provided over a period of several years by a large team of professional writers (all english graduates or above).

the system would evolve constantly, thanks to continuous 'training' by an in-house team of 'wranglers', who would all need to be either published authors, or have acheived the highest levels of achievement on multiple online ezine sites.

For those of you interested in the hardware, you'd be wise to treat the main site as simply a 'feeder' portal for a distributed network of heavy duty processor servers that actually hosted the nodes. The system would be phenomenally memory-intensive, and although it would possess no 'database' as such, the neural nodes mapped into memory would be the equivalent to a multi-gig database. All modules would ideally be encrypted for security reasons, and scheduled updates to the system would have to happen everyday in order to keep it fresh...


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