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what is autoblogging


Is this 'black hat'?
No. ContentBoss rewrites articles using pretty much the same methods you would use if you had to rewrite it yourself. It goes without saying that a sufficiently 'different' piece of text is unique, which is what search engines want. The system will tell you roughly how 'different' your version is from the original, which will help you decide when the article is ready for use. When you are happy with it, you can use it anywhere you like, on your blogs, article directories, your websites, and so on. It doesn't leave any 'footprints', it's just text, and there's nothing in any wrangled article that a search engine could object to.
How many articles can I create each month?
The online content wrangler is unmetered, so you can use it as often as you like. Each wrangle will create a new version of whatever text you supplied.
How long are the articles?

You can paste up to 5,000 characters into the wrangler - that's equivalent to quite a long article - between 700 and 1,000 words, usually. You can create longer articles than this by combining wrangled output (in a text editor, for example) or shorter articles by cutting bits you don't want. You'll probably want to produce articles of between 250 and 350 words, of course, because that's what typical article directories usually expect.

Can I use it wth PLR articles?
Of course. In fact, ContentBoss is PERFECT for PLR articles. If you just post up a PLR article, it will do NOTHING for you, as 20,000 other people have already posted it, so why should Google favor YOUR copy? Therefore, you need to change a PLR article to make it unique. This can take you 15 or 20 minutes to do manually, with no guarantee of success. OR... you just paste it into ContentBoss, and click the 'wrangle' button. Job done!!!
Who do the wrangled articles belong to?
You. We don't own any rights to anything you create using our software..
Why is it so inexpensive?

If you think it's cheap, feel free to pay us more! Seriously, the system has quite a high monthly tag on it, but if you can find an existing member to refer you, then there is a major discount, which is why it's such good value for money. This ensures that only qualified people sign up, as they have come via an existing member who can vouch for them.

Can't I just stick some invisble characters in it, to 'Uniquefier' it?
Of course not. Search engines work by identifying patterns, patterns commonly called 'words'. However you try to 'cloak' a word with hash codes, control characters or other invisible junk, you won't fool even a second rate search engine. If only it was that simple! What you WILL do, is alert the search engine to the fact that you are trying to'fool' them, and earn your site an instant 300 point ranking penalty, or even a complete ban. If you use Adsense, they'll probably track down and ban ALL your sites from their index.
Will wrangled material 'pass Copyscape'?
Some may, some may not. Even material that 'passes Copyscape' today may not next week (because Google may have indexed it, and Copyscape simply queries Google to find plagiarised material). Frankly, the only reason you would be concerned about 'passing Copyscape' is if you intended to steal someone else's material, and try to pass it off as your own - something we do not recommend. Having said that, if you are a total newbie, and all you want to do is 'pass Copyscape', you should read this first - how to pass copyscape - free
Do I have to configure it, or do anything complicated?
No. You paste the text into a box, and click a button. That's it. If you want to, you can, of course, customize it more. For example, you can specify how much you want the system to 'paraphrase' the original (chop it down to loose the 'dead wood'). Or you can specify 'reserved words' that the system won't change when it wrangles. That sort of thing. By default, though, just click one button for a new article.
Where do the articles come from if I ask the Content Assistant to 'suggest' some content?

It's content from all across the web. This means, of course, that the quality of this content may vary, but then again, you can click repeatedly until you get something you like. Content sourced in this way gets wrangled automatically as it is pulled in, just for you!

What sort of content can the 'suggest' facility find?
Pretty much anything. General categories the 'content assistant' can help you with include:- Auto and Trucks, Recreation and Sports, Health, Environment, Business and Finance, Self Improvement and Motiviation, Computers and The Internet, Family, Legal Matters, Food and Drink, Travel and Leisure, Home Improvement, Marketing, Kids and Teens, Pets, Online Business, Women, Web Development, Music and Entertainment, Parenting, Self Improvement and Motivation, Writing, Site Promotion, Online Business, Government, Sports and Recreation, Religion, Collectibles, Cellular Phones, Gifts and Gift Baskets
What's your refund policy?
See our T&Cs. To cut a long story short, no refunds. If you think a few bucks is too much to risk to find out how good ContentBoss is, you'd better get back behind the till at McDonalds. In reality, we do refund on occassion - we're not ogres. If you have exceptional family circumstances, for example, we'll probably refund you. We don't refund 'because you forgot to cancel', or because the wrangler made one mistake in a 500 word article. If you do find mistakes in the wrangler output (it DOES happen!!!) and it's not because you fed garbage in, just alert support, and if they agree with you, you'll get credited TWO wrangles to replace the one you used. This doesn't happen much, of course, but it's there as a safeguard for you.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at any time. Simply log in to your PayPal account and click the 'cancel' button on your Subscription. Cancelling your Subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this Subscription.
Isn't it better to pay to get article written?
If your last name is 'Rockefeller', you may prefer to outsource your articles at $5 to $20 bucks a time. For the rest of us, though, cost is an issue. You can get a month at contentboss, and up to loads of unique articles for the price of a single custom-written article. And anyway, the chances are your 'writer' is a member of contentboss, and will simply use the 'suggest' feature to generate you an article, adding a few lines here and there and then selling it on to you! Better change that last name from 'Rockerfeller' to 'Whatasucker'.
how does the wrangler work?
we could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you. :-) If you are interested in the technicalities, here's a quick overview.
how often can I use the Wordpress plugin per month?
the Wordpress plugin has a fair use policy of 150 uses per month. If you need more than that, contact us for bulk API pricing. After all, if it's good enough for the Market Samurai guys, it's good enough for anyone! The online wrangler and article generators are unlimited use.
what is autoblogging?
there's a free ebook about autoblogging here:- bloggerhigh.com
can I get a free trial?
Nope. Unlike most other products out there, contentBoss actually does what it says it does. A free trial would therefore mean that you are effectively asking 'can I have some free content'?

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