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Get started with the CB Wordpress Plugin

If you haven't already downloaded the latest version of the plugin, you can get it download it now. It's in zip format, so you can upload it to Wordpress from within the Wordpress admin pages.

Log in to your wordpress admin pages. Once you have logged in, click on the plugins menu on the left to get this screen:-

Click the 'Add New' button to get to this screen:-

Click the 'Upload' hyperlink to display the file selector.

From the file selection window, choose the zip file you just downloaded from ContentBoss from wherever on your local machine you saved it. Note that if your web browser has automatically unzipped the plugin, you will need to start again and follow instructions to 'right save as' because Wordpress only uploads 'zip' format files.

Click 'Install Now' to upload the plugin.

Click 'Activate Plugin' to turn on the plugin, and you can now go to the plugin admin screen (by using the menu on the left). The admin screen looks like this:-

Each admin option has a little 'help' button on the right in case you get stuck. Using the plugin is simplicity itself - just specify your ContentBoss user ID number (NOT your email address, you need to use the ID number you see in your ContentBoss account whenever you log on to ContentBoss, topright of your home page). You also need to specify your ContentBoss password. That's it - you are ready to go. Every post from now on will be spun automatically for you when it is first published.

Each post that is spun will use 1 credit from your ContentBoss account of course.

Advanced options

There are a number of advanced options you can set.

1. Spin - All posts, Only manual posts, Only autoblog posts... By default, everything posted to your blog will be spun, whether you add it by hand, or it is added by software automatically. If you like, you can choose that only the posts you add by hand ('manual' posts) are spun, or only posts that are added by autoblogging software.

2. Don't spin posts smaller than... you won't want to use up a ContentBoss credit spinning a very short post (an RSS snippet, for example), so you can specify how long a post must be before the systems spins it. About 250 words seems like a good minimum, as that is the base level at which Google starts to treat it as worthy of in-depth analysis. If you set it to 0 then ALL posts will be spun, regardless of length.

3. Paraphrase... You can not only spin the text, you can also paraphrase it. This means dropping random sentences to make the text look more different from the original article. You don't have to paraphrase, but it's there if you need it. A setting of 'mild' gives you an extra 10 - 15% uniqueness in our experience.

4. Reserved words... You can specify words or phrases that you don't ever want the spinner to touch. Type them in this box, seperated by commas. Be aware that it is case-sensitive, so cat is not the same as CAT which is not the same as Cat. You'd use this if you have a specific word or words (perhaps a brand name that is also a dictionary word) that you wanted to preserve unchanged.

That's everything! Enjoy your new Panda-proof posts!

Disclaimer - if the original post wouldn't Pass Google, then it's unlikely a spun version of it will, either. 'Garbage in, garbage out' as they say. Make sure your original material is high quality!









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